Comprehensive Innovation

We want to mobilize the entire ecosystem so that regulators and other researchers can build on our work to further improve the quality of life for chronic patients.


By providing an immense pool of relevant, real-time data of under-studied and poorly solved illnesses, we offer - for the first time - the “Big-Picture” for others to work with and benefit from. We do not collect any personal data, thus all data is anonymous.

Our impact on the community is fourfold: 


Patients can be involved in different parts of the research. 

  • Can have infinite access to state-of-the art diagnostics.
  • Can track the progression of their illness.
  • Become more aware and be informed in real time of any breathkrough from our research. 

Medical Associations

  • Are able to re-allocate resources to better serve their members.
  • Get more awareness and recognition by further contributing to research.
3 Scientists are able to conduct practical research that impact lives now, rather than purely academic. They have access to a real time “Big Picture” covering information that is only available at such a scale of clinical research, including the impact of their own work. 

National Health Service (NHS)

With access to this "Big Picture", the NHS is able to enhance patients' quality of life by switching to more preventative therapies, which will significantly reduce health costs.